Fact #117

117. I wanna live in a loft at some point.

Fact #116

116. I still don’t know what to do with my life… I’m pretty sure though that once i finish my degree and after a couple of years in that particular field, i probably will do something completely unrelated to my degree despite the pay.

Fact #115

115. For people who ride in my car with me, i will only sing to the music if i feel comfortable with you.

Fact #114

114. I have to have the volume on an even number on any electronic device.

Fact #113

113. I’m pretty happy that i have become somewhat more independent, NOT relying on my parents for money and stuff like that.

Fact #112

112. I think that people that judge you quickly suck. I mean sure i’m a hypocrite on this but I’ve slowly changed this. I don’t wanna be looked at as someone who judges someone else that i do not know just based on what i’ve heard about them..

Fact #111

111. I like to think that i am a good friend, but sometimes i really doubt it…

Fact #110

110. I don’t like people that whine about shit, especially when their lives are way better than other peoples.

Fact #109

109. My family and extended family will always be a priority over anything else, no matter what the circumstances are.

Fact #108

108. I will never do an eyebrow bet again. The fear of getting an eyebrow shaved ):